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Burrumbeet Cup day Punting Tips from the legendary Ray Sauce

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ray-sauceBurrumbeet Park & Windermere Racing Club committee member Justin Marshman will miss tomorrow’s 125th running of the Burrumbeet Cup due to an overseas junket in the USA.

But before he boarded business class to make his way to the land of the free, he managed to track down the elusive ‘Ray Sauce’, to find out how to back a winner on Burrumbeet Cup day.

As Justin delved deeper he learned a few things about the mysterious ‘Ray Sauce’, the legend of the Beet.

Before the advent of online bookmakers and betting on your mobile phone, well before mobile phones were even invented, ‘Ray Sauce’ was as feared punter as there was in the Burrumbeet betting ring on New Year’s Day.

As he swaggered into the betting ring with the sound of his dollar bills flickering in the wind, his very presence struck fear into every bookmaker on the stand.

It was more tense than Tombstone on the day of the ‘Gunfight at the O.K. Corral’, and there was only one way it was going to end.

Unfortunately, Justin never got to hear the rest of the story to let us know, but he did get some great Burrumbeet Cup day betting tips for the masses.

Here they are…

Burrumbeet Cup Punting Tip #1

You may not arrive on track with a certainty pencilled into your racebook, but some stables will. Grab a cool drink and wander through the bookies ring as they open their odds for the next race, noting the odds in your book or form.

You can then wander off for 15 minutes to catch up with mates, view the ‘fillies on the field’ fashions, chase one that got away on New Year’s Eve, or check how the kids are going on all of the free rides & activities – before heading back to the bookies ring and seeing which horse or horse has been wound in due to weight of money.

If your timing is right, you’ll get a nice piece of the pie.

Enjoy wandering back to the family, handing them each a $20 note and keeping a tidy little bundle for yourself to do it all again in the next.

Burrumbeet Cup Punting Tip #2

So you’ve woken up a tad dusty from a massive New Year’s Eve and have no form, no racebook and absolutely no idea.

Keep it simple friends. Look for the maroon & white colors of Australia’s leading trainer and reigning Burrumbeet Cup winning trainer – Darren Weir.

You’re a monty to back a winner or three over the day and have a little something left in your pocket to back up again that night if so inclined.

Burrumbeet Cup Punting Tip #3

It’s a tight, turning track at ‘The Beet’ with a short run home of 175m, so finding a known front runner who will jump in the first couple, relax and put a length on the others before they turn for home, is for many the best way to break the bookies bags at Burrumbeet on New Year’s Day.

Burrumbeet Cup Punting Tip #4

So in #TIP1 we showed you how to follow the shorteners by being in the bookies ring at the right time.

If you like something at a little value on the locals however – say 8/1 or 10/1.

Take 2 minutes to swing by the on-course TAB caravans and compare prices.

The small on-course only pools are often skewed by one or two larger bets on one horse and you can generally find yourself some nice ‘overs’ in most races.

Why settle for 8’s when can grab $13.00?


If you hear the sound of dollar bills flickering in the wind in the Burrumbeet betting ring tomorrow, it probably won’t be the legendary ‘Ray Sauce’, it will most likely be club president Rod McKinnon.

However, there will be no fear on the bookmaker stands this time, they’ll be rubbing their hands with glee with big smiles on their faces.

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