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About Horse Racing Shares

Horse Racing Shares is designed for racing enthusiasts who would like to get involved in owning a racehorse or setting up a racehorse syndicate to have some fun with family & friends.

We do not sell racehorses and we do not sell racehorse shares. We prefer to let the experts do that!

We own a number of horses with Darren & Liz Dance from Australian Thoroughbred Bloodstock and their commitment to providing owners with an affordable, fun, enjoyable racing experience is second to none.

We highly recommend Australian Thoroughbred Bloodstock for racehorse syndication as what you see is what you get and they race 10% with you, thereby standing behind their product.

Looking to buy some racehorse shares then give Darren Dance a call on 0417 616 666 and he will answer any question you may have then point you in the right direction.

Racing horses is great fun with the right people, especially those who are honest, have integrity, and put their horses & owners first. Australian Thoroughbred Bloodstock ticks those three boxes and many more.

Start racing the ATB way and we’ll see you in the winner’s circle!

Horse Racing Shares contributors

From time to time the following knowledgeable racing people share their racing thoughts with us.

  • Dean Elliott – BPM for William Hill Australia with a great racing knowledge, especially on the breeding side.
  • Darren Dance – One of the smartest racehorse syndicators around and knows what it takes to be successful.
  • Peter Morganti – Captures country racing’s people, horses and characters through the lens of his camera.

Dean’s articles can be found in the ‘Derby Tracker’ and ‘Articles’ sections, while Darren shares his thoughts via his ‘Lets Dance’ articles. Peter attends many country racing meetings and contributes via the ‘Racing News’ & ‘Morgz Mail’ sections.