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5% & 10% Shares

Single shares of 5% or more do not require a syndicate to be formed and can be purchased outright.

All 5% & 10% shares get their owner’s name in the racebook plus associated owner’s privileges on race day.

If you want to be assured of mounting yard tickets at the races, especially on feature race days at the big tracks like Flemington and Caulfield, then a share of 5% or more is the way to go.

Owners of 5% or 10% racehorse shares are responsible for the full ongoing monthly costs of their share, unlike horse racing syndicates, where all costs are shared between syndicate members.

From our experience owning 5% & 10% shares with Australian Thoroughbred Bloodstock we can use the following guidelines for ongoing costs.

Approximate ongoing costs for 5% & 10% shares

5% share: $250 per month (training) $60 per month (spelling)
10% share: $500 per month (training) $120 per month (spelling)

The figures will vary on occasion but we have found the average monthly cost for a 10% share to be around be around $400, with a 5% share half that figure.

Bear in mind that racehorse syndication costs are always rising as everyone has to get paid for their services.

Use the above figures as a general guide and it won’t be far off the mark.

Shares or Syndicate?

Should you buy shares or join a syndicate?

The benefits of shares, if you can afford them, is you have full ownership and decision making rights for your piece of the horse.

In the overall scheme of things a 5% or 10% share only has a small say in proceedings, but it’s your say.

Group syndicates require everyone in agreement or a unanimous vote for any decisions regarding their percentage owned

The more people that have a say, the more that gets said.

Sometimes hard decisions have to be made, and sole ownership allows them to be made in prompt fashion

Either way you’ll meet new people and enjoy the experience.

Looking to get involved in racing your own horse?

Then talk to the the best in the business, Darren Dance, and he’ll put you on the right track.

Whether you join a syndicate or buy racehorse shares, once you get your first winner you’ll be hooked for life.